How To Animate For Free Using Krita // Tutorial

I see a lot of people recommending firealpaca for beginners looking for something free to animate with, however, Krita is definitely way better for that and the program I recommend to those looking to start animating for free! Having some knowledge on the program I made this video for whomever it may help get started with the program. Sorry for a few weird audio glitches in part of the video, I think my microphone did something weird. Hopefully it's not too distracting though. I may make more videos like this in this future, possibly. Just trying things out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask I probably have an answer.
Download Krita:
00:00 (Intro)
00:28 (Why Krita)
01:45 (Setup)
03:04 (Getting started animating)
06:18 (Line Art)
10:14 (How To Color)
11:50 (Clipping Masks)
14:25 (How to Add Shading)
15:31 (Adding Backgrounds)
16:54 (How I Set Up MAP Parts in Krita)
17:36 (How To Get Good Playback/How To Export Your Animation)
21:16 (Krita File Sizes)
22:00 (Outro)