Fortnite | 35 Tips and Tricks from the Professionals

It’s been a while since we last went through a few tips and tricks to stay ahead in Fortnite battle royale. Lets set that right; right now…. 35 tips from watching those pro players over on twitch. (Be warned I’m in the mood for bad Dad jokes)!

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Tips and tricks include…
secret builds, head glitching, portal kombat, new meta, flying vehicles, balloons and ice power, turret strength, combat aim assist, new patch notes, ramp sniping, 280 metre desert eagle, secret hiding spots, bad jokes, camp fire trick, best skins, rocket launcher no damage, Turtle solution, no damage traps, door blocking, quadcrasher tricks, instant edit on console, controller tricks, season 7, season 6, pink guitars, build sensitivity, healing and running, custom configurations and loads more that takes too long to write here. Today’s secret phrase is ‘I stood on a lego brick!’. Write it in the comments for a reply.