I did it!! :-)
I'm probably FAR too old to be launching a You Tube Channel, but some things just work better in person…or on screen at least.

If you found yourself here from my Blog or Instagram, thank you so much for stopping by, I really hope you liked my first video. It's pretty scary hitting ‘publish’ thats for sure!

If we’ve never met before…it's so nice to meet you! You can also find me:

The links to the carriers I’ve chosen are below.





If you're quick, there's a chance to win the carrier of your choice on my Instagram! Competition closes on 13th August 2017.

This is not a sponsored post, however we were gifted the carriers (along with many others) and these are genuinely our absolute favourites!
I'd also like to reiterate that I have not been trained to wear these carriers, I'm just a mum (who's watched lots of you tube tutorials) so please forgive me if I'm not wearing them absolutely perfectly.

If I’ve forgotten anything, or if you have any questions/comments, I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for popping along and I hope to see you here again soon!

Lauren xox

Q & A

How old are your children?

I have three lovely boys. The youngest two are mine, and I have a step-son, Archie. At the time of posting this they are 8 years, 2 years and 4 months old.

Where are you from?

Right now we live in rural Herefordshire, England. Although I grew up in Wales and Colin is Scottish…hence my slightly strange accent.

How long have you been blogging/vlogging?
I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, but this blogging thing as all very new to me. I also work full time in the cosmetics industry (although currently enjoying maternity leave) so it's very much a passion and a hobby more than a job.

Are you paid to say this?

I haven’t been paid for this particular post, but sometimes I do work with brands on sponsored collaborations. I will always clearly advise when content is sponsored.
Integrity is at the top of my list of priorities and I would NEVER put my name to something I didn’t believe in. I have turned down a lot of opportunities to do exactly that.

Are you a brand?
Do you have a product you think my viewers and I would be interested in?
I would love to hear from you: [email protected]