Warframe (Guide) Mirage Prime: Eidolon Slayer (Build & Weapon Options Gameplay)

Warframe (Guide) - Mirage Prime: Eidolon Slayer (Build & Weapon Options + Gameplay)

Today we will be exploring Eidolon Hunting using Mirage or Mirage Prime as the main damage dealer through the use of Eclipse.
Eclipse is depended on environmental light but using a self heat proc we can manipulate this to our advantage. A heat proc on Mirage will guarantee the damage buff for the duration of the proc.
There are many weapons that can deal self damage among them I would recommend the Javlok or you can simply use Exodia Contagion on a Zaw and make use of the projectile.
*As of Patch 25.0 the Primary Fire of the Javlok no longer deals self damage, simply use a charged secondary fire instead or even better The Penta or Secura Penta with Napalm Grenades.
After the heat proc you can use a number of weapons to take out Eidolon Synovia or the Eidolon itself and I'm going to be showcasing the Rubico Prime, Tombfinger and Euphona Prime.

Mirage provides a more powerful buff than Chroma's Vex Armor so that means you have a wider weapon choice and for some a Riven Mod is no longer necessary for consistent one-shots.
This way of hunting Eidolons is not as comfortable however and there is a learning curve. After a few runs you should get the hang of it.
Build a ton much power strength on Mirage and Vitality should provide enough survivability considering we will be relying on the ninety five percent damage reduction from eclipse. Adjust the Aura slot depending on what weapon you use and build radiation for it as per the usual. Arcane Avenger will work very well for most Eidolon Hunting weapons and they do double stack.

Special Thanks to "neonwater18" who pitched me the idea on our Twitch stream!

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