Beautiful Waterfall Showpiece (DIY) | Best out waste material | Learn By Watch Crafts

In This video, we show you how to make Waterfall Showpiece using newspaper to decorate your home. it is Easy to Make and cheaper in cost because it is made up of newspaper.

In the first step you have to take newspaper page and fold it as shown in the above video.after that color it from fabric colors and give them a look of rock, repeat this step and make at least 12-13 rocks of newspaper.

Now take a cardboard cut it in a oval shape after that color it from blue fabric color and give the look of water as shown in the above video.

then, stick all those paper rocks on this cardboard as shown in the above video.

Now fill the glue from glue gun in the center of cardboard between rocks, after that take a transparent sheet put the glue on that sheet as shown in the above video and stick it on the rock.

Now take a green color paper cut it and give them the look of plants as shown in the above video, repeat these steps and make at least 7-8 plants and stick those all near the paper rocks

then, take a cardboard put the drops of glue on it and let them dry, and when they dry color them as like as fish as shown in the above video ,after that stick those fishes in the water of the showpiece.

So the Waterfall Showpiece is ready.
You can gift this waterfall showpiece to your loved ones and decorate your own room, table etc.

now let you see how to make waterfall showpiece using newspaper in above video.

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