DIY vintage window Valance

DIY vintage window Valance
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Hey Fam! This is a paint project for an old antique window Valance
A valance is a piece of fabric that hangs across the top of a window to hide other window treatment’s hardware, and add softness, color, and pattern. A simple valance is the most basic and casual treatment; it’s normally just a slip of fabric attached to the rod with clip rings or a rod pocket.

or this might be a cornice? A cornice is a box-like wooden valance typically crafted from plywood, then covered with paint, wallpaper or fabric and mounted to the wall above the window. Other cornices are carved from attractive wood, and then stained to look good without need of paint or fabric coverings. A cornice can be paired with soft window treatments--such as fabric shades, drapes, or curtains--or used alone, which provides a more formal look to a master bedroom suite.

annyyyywaaayyyyys my friend Wolfgang helped put this broken mess back together AND he helped me mount it on the wall. THANK YOU WOLFGANG!!!!