WB57X21391 Replacing Your GE Gas Range's Door Glass AP5809189, PS9494465, 3189159

Part WB57X21391 can be found at http://www.pcappliancerepair.com/inquiry.php?lookupid=WB57X21391

The door glass is the part that covers the inside of the GE system. You may need to replace your door glass if it is shattered or dirty.

Today, Mike from Point & Click Appliance Repair will take you step-by-step through this repair so you can learn how to replace the door glass (Part number WB57X21391) in a GE range (Model number JB650SF4SS) yourself.

Part number WB57X21391 replaces AP5809189, PS9494465, 3189159

*WARNING: Before starting any repair, always make sure that the appliance is completely disconnected from the power source by unplugging it. This tutorial is meant to be a guide and should not be used in place of the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Tools Needed:
-1/4" nut driver
-V10 hex bit
-Needle nose pliers

Step-by-step how-to instructions for replacing the door glass (part number WB57X21391) on a GE range (Model number JB650SF4SS):

1. Unplug the range from its power source
2. Open the range door and lock both hinges attaching the door to the range
3. Use the needle nose pliers to lift up on the lock until the lock is snapped in on both sides
4. Remove the door by pulling it up and out and then place it on a flat and safe surface
5. Use the hex bit to unscrew the door handle from the inside of the door
6. Remove the screws that are holding the bottom of the door to the inside of the glass assembly
7. Remove the inner panel that holds the glass in place
8. Use the 1/4" nut driver to unscrew the screws
9. Pull up on the panel and gently lift the door glass to take it out
10. Set the OEM replacement door glass so that it is even and secure
11. Replace the top of the door.
12. Take the two screws that go into the door handle and slide them into position
13. Take the screw brackets and slide them onto each screw
14. Put the front door on and make sure it lines up correctly with the corresponding holes
15. Put in the bottom hinge
16. Tilt the door on its side and line up the screws we put in previously to the door handle on the outside of the door
17. Screw it in lightly so we can place our other screw where it needs to be and then tighten both screws
18. Once secure, place the door back onto the range by placing each hinge back into the range
19. Hold the door in place and use your needle nose pliers to push out on each lock
20. Push up on the door and close it
21. Plug your range back into its power source.

This part may also work with other GE manufactured brands including Hotpoint and Kenmore.

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