Since the cold weather is sitting in and I'm pretty much without a viable heating solution in my off-grid 4x16 cabin in the woods, I had to get the ball rolling. After doing a lot of research and doubling down on the fact that I didn't want to spend a big chunk of change on a wood stove, I decided to go with The HQ Issue wood stove. It's rated as an exterior wood stove because it's considered to be portable. But as you'll see/hear in the video, the thing is too heavy (IMHO) to be lugging around. It's very robust and seems perfect for my application and has a very solid, long-lasting feel to it. Very impressive to be such a cheap wood stove. It drafts very well, better than my more expensive wood stove in my office actually. Overall I'd say this little wood stove is a perfect solution for someone in a tiny house, backyard office, or small space that needs a good, cheap source of heat. Use at your own discretion of course. Link to buy one on Amazon below.

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