Hello Kitty Super Cute Mini Stationery Set for Girls and Boys

Hello kitty super cute mini stationery set is just perfect to complete your children's school supply set. It is also a great party favorite and a great gift set for boys and girls. It’s cute, funny, convenient and practical Include pencil, pen, ruler, cutter, sharpener, and glue stick.
It’s an idle for birthday return gift. Kids are love in first sight, they are very much happy getting this cute#HelloKitty #stationery set.
All essential material for a School going children’s pencil box
A perfect gift for your growing children, it attract the cute print of animated series characters like Barbie and Disney princess
Kits with all the colors of feminine pink combined with bright colors will add inspiration to the hello kitty. Material is safe, not toxic to children and friendly to the environment. Their compact size makes them easy to carry.

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