DIY Dollar Tree Floral Wagon Decor Great Outdoor Porch Decor

DIY Outdoor Flower Garden, Porch or Sun room Spring Decor using Dollar Tree Items.

Hey Lovely Creative Friends, I'm so excited about this DIY project! Floral wagons have always been something I enjoyed looking at so making my own was just super fun. It's so colorful & bright. Plus this is a change of pace from all the glam decor. If you wanna see more floral decor let me know, I'm happy to. I wanna give Araceli Chan credit for kicking off spring decor, I was inspired after seeing her DIY Dollar Tree "Bench" it's adorable. I'll be sure to leave a link for you so you can see her's too. Thank You so much too all my viewers & subscribers for all your support, you inspire me every day! I Love you all so very much xo

Items I used for this project Dollar Tree

1- basket "The only one I could find in this shape & size was blue"
I already had this one, I'm sure others would work great
7- Bundles Spring colored flowers
5- Bundles of white Roses
1- Bundle of Greenery
1- Round Floral Foam
* 1- Pack of Dowels "I did use two long dowels to connect wheels & those came from Walmart. It isn't necessary as I later discovered. I could have just used one short Dollar Tree dowel in the four wheels then glue those to the bottom of the basket.
1- Selfie stick "If they don't have use a back scratcher" Shower Section
zip ties
1- pack of Plastic wine glasses "Bottom Detaches"
1- pack of condiment "solo" cups
I also used four embroidery rings. Those are in the craft section of Walmart, they're plastic too. They come two to a pack & are about $1.50 per pack.
You could use round plastic plates in Dollar Tree, that would look adorable too.
Finally I used Spray Paint & Gold acrylic paint

If you'd like to stay in the Spring Decor Mood you wanna see my friend Araceli's DIY video. Yall she made a bench for her porch. Love it!

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