Welcome back! Today we are tackling this #DIY #BlanketLadder! If I say so myself.. we killed it!! It looks great in our space and it only cost us $7 and some change!

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Items we used:

3 - 2x3 pieces of wood

- Two cut into 6 ft each (or shorter depending on how tall or short you want you ladder to be)

- One cut into 5 pieces, 16inches each piece (for the steps)

We already had the screws:

- 4 inch wood screws

How we done it:

We marked each 6 foot 2x3 legs at every 12 inches to show where the steps would be located.

- Mark with a pencil where you want your steps to lay

- Pre-drill holds on the outside into the step

- Add in your wood screw

- Repeat until each step is drilled in on both sides

- We used a edge detailing sanding sponge in 220 grit to smooth all the jagged edges

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