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This Volvo V50 came in with the DPF light illuminated and in limp mode.
A quick diagnostics check showed the dpf back pressure to be over 8psi and a really low flow rate through the exhaust... we carried out a manual pressure which confirmed the readings, with 95000 miles on the clock we had our suspicions that the dpf would be saturated with the PAT fluid! After removing the exhaust temperature sensor we could see the build up was quite high!
We removed the DPF from the vehicle to carry out a flash clean on our Carbon Clean machine which removes 100% soot, ash & additive from the DPF which restores it to as new condition.
After refitting we refilled the Eolys tank, reset the ecu and took on a roadtest... all lights extinguished and it’s now running like it should👍
As you can see from the before and after pressures there is now no resistance at all. The picture of the brown sludge is some of the additive that came out of the dpf!!!
All done and returned to the owner in just 1 day😎
If you’re experiencing dpf problems then be sure to bring it to the experts for a proper fix👌

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