How To Replace An Rv Dump Waste Valve

How to replace an rv dump waste valve On a 3 inch ABS pipe with a 3 Inch Valterra Waste valve. In this video we go over the steps to replace an rv waste valve.

Step 1 Drain all waste in the rv black tank.

Step 2 Get tools ready you will need two 7/16 Wrenches.

Step 3 Remove all four bolts.

Step 4 Spread pipes away from eachother and remove Valterra
waste valve.

Step 5 clean area where new seals will go and install new seals on each lip.

Step 6 Slide in Valterra valve in between both pipes and make sure new seals stay in place.

Step 7 install all four bolts and tighten in a rotation without over tightening one side.

Step 8 Fill black tank with water and perform leak test.

Step 9 if no leaks drain black tank by opening the waste valve.

Step 10 enjoy your leak free waste valve.

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Link to Valterra T1003VPM Bladex 3" Waste Valve Body with Metal Handle