Honda Odyssey Idle Control Valve and EGR Port Cleaning (P0401)

In this video I show you how to disassemble the intake manifold on a 2000 Honda Odyssey to clean the Idle Control Valve. Problems such as a hunting or surging idle can usually be caused by cleaning this valve or replacing it. In my case I had a faster than usual idle.

I also show you how to clean the EGR port in the manifold which gets clogged up with carbon and causes you to get a P0401 code.

To disassemble the Idle Control Valve to better clean it, you will need to get a TS15 5-point Star Bit, as the screw heads are not normal torx (which have a 6 pointed star). I purchased this set from Amazon:

Silverhill 5 Point Star Tamper Proof Bit Set, 10 Piece