Laser Engraving USB Flash Drives | Laser Engraved USB Sticks

This week in the FLEXX Zone - we're talking with Nuimpact, a company specializing in laser engraved USB Flash Drives and USB Sticks out of Vaughan, ON.

They will show us how they use their Speedy 360 FLEXX laser engraving machine that has both a CO2 laser and a Fiber laser source to engraving USB sticks of all kinds!

They use the CO2 laser to engrave organic USB Flash Drives like acrylic, plastics, wood and even cut out their own jigs. While using their Fiber laser to engrave metal USB drives.

The most amazing part about a FLEXX laser machine is that you can put both CO2 and Fiber applications in one job! So they can fill half the laser with wood drives and the other with metals and run it all in one process.

Visit Nuimpact's website to see their entire line up of over 5,000 USB Flash Drives here:


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