Tree Stand Tricks and Tips Pt. 2

For the newer Hunters out there, part two of the tree stand setup that includes some tricks and tips when getting a metal tree stand ready for the woods. Will help in making it; less noticeable, quieter, and more comfortable, letting you spend more time hunting. It will also make it your own, give a bit of a connection to the stand than just assembling and attaching to a tree.

Started by added some water pipe insulation to the top rails to quiet things down and make it not so cold when you're leaning against it. Having some camo duck rape around is a good idea. Paint the bottom two sections of the ladder in two different styles to give you and idea of what you can do. One section in Multicam, the other in the brush look.

Wrapped the top in a camo wrap that will hide most of your movements in the tree, Also show a cheap way of finding some yardage distances with just a string and some washers.

Also do an overlay of where I placed the stand on the farm and why.

Hope you gained a few thing from viewing it.