Robotic Hair Wash Sink for Hair Salons

You have to try this! It is so relaxing and comfortable, an amazing client/guest experience, it washes hair by itself, allowing your client to have a consistent experience every time, with an amazing scalp massage from the water jets. After a hard day at work, your clients get the ultimate massage and stress relief from the robotic hair washer, followed by your amazing blow dry or services. Save money in the salon having less assistants and more hairdressers doing hair! More tips go to the hairstylists, assistants can assist the stylists instead of

Also great for hospitals, retirement homes or rehabilitation homes where people need their hair washed for them and cannot do it by themselves.

Robotic Hair Washer

Consistent Client Experience
Saves Staff Time
Controls Shampoo Useage
Perfect Scalp Massage
Steam Treatments
Removes Color without Stain
For all hair types and lengths
Beat the competition with Innovation

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