Miniature Polymer Clay Rainbow Pastel Cake Dollhouse Food

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Hi everyone! Here's how I created my Miniature Polymer Clay Rainbow Pastel Cake.

Tools used in this Tutorial:
Dotting Tool
Crafting Knife
Crafting Blade
Circle Cutter
Silicone Putty (Optional)
Liquid Fimo Clay
Christmas Red Fimo Soft Clay
Tangerine Fimo Soft Clay
Sunflower Yellow Fimo Soft Clay
Tropical Green Fimo Soft Clay
Peppermint Fimo Soft Clay
Plum Fimo Soft Clay
Caramel Fimo Soft Clay
White Fimo Soft Clay
White Translucent Fimo Effects Clay

I used a pasta machine to roll out my clay here, but a rolling pin would work too.
I used a non scented baby wipe to help smooth over the cake edges.
Creating the moulds is optional. You can create x8 stars like the one seen in the video or create x1 star and make moulds from it. I created moulds because I wanted all the stars to look the same.
How to create the colours used:

Mix together roughly 40% white clay to 50% of the coloured clay (the rainbow colours) and the remaining 10% as white translucent clay.
Mix caramel with a bit of white clay.


I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!
If you have any questions about this tutorial then please let me know in the comments below!
Song: Winds of Spring - The 126ers

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