Touchlessly Cleaning a VERY Dirty Trailer

Did a demo at Corbets in Gympie on a trailer that had been away working for two months without a wash. Used Nerta's Active Diamond and got a really great result. For more info please go to or follow us on facebook at - heaps more videos!!!

Why we wash from the bottom to the top
When washing a vehicle using conventional methods you firstly apply soap, wash using a sponge or a broom and then rinse off with water from the top to the bottom.
Touchless washing is a bit different. We apply the soap through a high pressure foamer and then use high pressure water as a “sponge or a broom". We then work the water back into fresh soap, either from the bottom to the top or backwards in the case of truck trailers etc. In this way we use the soap more efficiently. (If we wash from the top down we would simply wash the soap off the vehicle which kind of defeats the purpose). We then rinse from the top down.