Oval Shaped Diamond Size Comparison on Hand Finger Engagement Ring Cut .75 Carat 2 ct 1 3 4 1.5 .25

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*Website with Oval Cut Grades*: http://goto.bluenile.com/N9LLN

In this video we will do a side by side Oval Shaped diamond size comparison on the finger or hand as well as give you different price comparisons at each cut size. All along giving you different tips and tricks to help you save on diamond shopping.

Each Oval Cut Size in this video is compared to this .75 Carat Diamond on a hand with a size 6 finger. This 1 carat diamond at Kay Jewelers like most Brick and Mortar jewelry stores is about $8,800 and that is because it is high quality. Now also on this video we take those diamonds and compare them to the exact same quality diamond from a website I will put in the description below this video. This ¾ carat is $3590 so you'd save over $5210 from my link below this video.

Lets Start with a .25 or ¼ Carat Oval Diamond on the finger. Most diamond stores don't even sell diamonds this small and most don't use a diamond this small as a center stone.

This is a .33 or 1/3 carat oval engagement ring on the hand. Compared to a .75 carat oval shaped diamond it is very unimpressive and you can barely tell it is even a pear shape at this point. Oval diamonds can have a longer ratio or a wider ratio.

This .5 carat or 1/2 carat diamond is a more common size of an oval diamond. Now, one of the up sides of oval shaped diamonds is that they are generally less expensive than equal carats of Round Cut Diamonds. That is because round cut does tend to sparkle a tiny bit more than oval shaped diamonds. You'd save over $3,500 buying the diamond from my link below

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