Quitting AJPC, But Coming Back To AJPW!


Sorry for not uploading for a bit. I didn't make my schedule yet to post vids.

I forgot later on my computer is like a tablet lol. This vid is still cringy to me ;;
Idk where to find recorder where I can actually put my voice into it.


I am very sorry but I have decided to quit AJPC for multiple reasons.

1. I have a lot more true friends on AJPW than on AJPC. I really do miss my friends.
2. People have been using me for rares. I had enough of it.
3. There are waaayyy too many greedy people on there than on here going by my experience.

Plus.. My membership expires in 3 days. I cannot get another membership for a while due to personal issues.
So AJPC will become boring as a non-member.
On AJPW, there are more things to do.

User is the same as usual.

Music : Fade - Alan Walker (might change it)