EON II Best Of Epic Music Mix | Emotional Beautiful Orchestral Music Atom Music Audio

EON II is Atom Music Audio's second volume of truly emotional, passionate and encapsulating music ready to move you to new levels of existence. This Mix represents 20 beautiful, melancholy and emotional tracks from EON II perfectly suitable for uplifting or sad soundtracks, TV, Trailers and serene background music.

Music by Atom Music Audio
Album: EON II
Mixing/Mastering: Lyubomir Yordanov (https://goo.gl/kDqPD3)
Publisher: Atom Music Audio

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Artwork by Yuliya Zabelina - ERA-7 Studios

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(Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


00:00 Serene - Danny Rayel
03:24 Lost in the Stars - Eduardo Jimenez
07:25 Oceans Apart - David Chappell
11:59 Your Destiny - Craig Meier
16:00 Celestial Sphere - Hyun, Mayrain
19:38 Red Moon - Lisa Van Hal
22:47 Freedom Is Not Far Away - Narek Mirzaei
25:17 Wake Up in Space - lavor Pachovski
28:07 Into the Futher - Samarth Bellur

31:38 Dandelion - Lisa Van Hal
35:06 Jovian Winds - Armin Gutjahr
39:03 Wings of Eternity - Brian Delgado
42:32 Horizon - Christoffer Isefalt
45:50 Cosmos - Armin Gutjahr
50:00 In the After - Fred Texier, Jonathan Mayer
52:33 Blue Planet - Akshay Sreeram
55:27 Braveheart - Pieces of Eden
58:16 Falling Star - Emad Yaghoubi
01:01:45 Withering - Jannick Damkvist
01:04:37 Golden Hour - Bob Dedes


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