Building a Covered Patio Part 1

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Things I Used in This Project:
Hammer Drill:
Small 12v Drill:
6x6 Post Brackets:
Concrete Anchors:
Circular Saw:
Tinted safety glasses:
Dewalt saw horse:
Joist hangers:
Multi tool:
Milwakee nailer:
Arrow stapler:
Roofing Paper:
Roofing Shingles: (Mine are brown)
Spray Adhesive:
Hooked Box Blade Cutter:
Roof Shingles:

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In this video I show you how I built a covered patio on the side of my shop. Or maybe it's called an awning? Awning/covered patio, I walk you through how to set the posts in concrete using concrete anchors and post brackets. How to set the header and all the rafters. Then how to lay roofing paper, OSB decking, and Onduvilla roofing shingles. In part two I will deck the underside of the awning, add lights, and trim out the underside as well as the boxes.