Let's Learn: Dwarf Fortress (01) Installation, graphics, sound and all that jazz

BIG NOTE: For installing TWBT, if you're on Windows, the .so files are actually .dll files instead. Otherwise the installation is identical.

Welcome to the first installment of my Dwarf Fortress tutorial. In this episode we'll learn how to download and run Dwarf Fortress, how to get DFHack running (to make the game more enjoyable) how to install and configure a graphics pack and how to get sound added to Dwarf Fortress via soundSense.


00:15 - Installation of DF.
01:43 - Installation of DFHack.
04:55 - Installation of graphics pack (Phoebus).
06:11 - Configuration and "flavor" settings.
08:35 - Installation of Text Will Be Text (TWBT)
10:20 - Installation and configuration of SoundSense (sound engine for DF)

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