Build a Pot Belly Wood Burning Stove in under an hour

How to build a homemade pot belly wood burning stove from a propane tank in under an hour. Easy welding project and Great for a workshop or shed, simple and useful woodburner. Yes it says an hour but by the time youve gathered all the parts and tools and then installed the finished burner its going to be a touch longer than 60 minutes :) BUT once youve got all the bits then even withouth a plasma you can hammer this in under an hour...go for it!
Plasma cutter - not totally necessary you can use a grinder or a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade
Grinder is necessary, ive burnt out a lot of 4 inch grinders, this 9"grinder has lasted years!
Welder and again is a requirement, can be bought for very cheap, arc or stick welding is very easy to get started with.
Hammer and chisel or other valve removal tool.
Files are great if youve got them and 40 grit sandpaper, an old sanding belt will do, be careful grinded steel can be razor sharp and i regularly bleed onto things :) Just completed a 3 day first aid course ;)