One Fine Day cover Chiffons Cold Fire 1982

Okay the video ain't great, but this was our video demo to get gigs... Recorded on a 4 track Ampex, it doesn't sound too shabby considering.
Suzie Cappetta - vocals-acoustic guitar
Michael Cappetta - vocals - bass guitar
Martin Pomeroy - vocals - guitar, keyboards
Richard Martinez - drums
Ken Roberts - vocals, guitar

Mike & Suzie Cappetta were members of the Scuzzies made famous by recording the Dave Hull The Hullabalooer theme, Suzie passed away in 2007.
Mike Cappetta works as a DJ for a radio station and plays with his band, The Working Poets
Ken Roberts went on to become a successful producer/engineer in Los Angeles having worked with over 100 name artists from Bobby Womack to Soundgarden to Johnny Cash.
Marty Pomeroy moved back to Boston.....whereabouts unknown.

But it was fun while it lasted..
Richard Martinez went on to become a well known drummer in the LA circles and produced an album for Meninos Do Morumbi featuring Julian Lennon, Richie Kotzen and several other artists in 2015.