Homemade DIY Cooler for Big Game (Alligator Cooler)

So alligator season has started in Florida and I needed a way to keep my alligators cold. I use to cover them with a tarp and put ice on them but in this Florida heat, those bags of ice did not last. So I needed to make something that would increase the life of my ice.

I present to you the Alligator Cooler. I made it for alligators and I'm sure you could use it for other big game if you wanted too... This is a homemade cooler made out of plywood, 2x4's, and XPS foam.

The plywood is 1/2" (.5") thick, 3-ply, that was the cheapest I could get.
The foam is an XPS foam that is 1" thick with a 5 R rating.
The 2x4's are regular wood, non-pressure treated, cheap 2 by 4's.
And the majority of the screws I used were 1.25" long and then some extra long ones help every now then.
The liner I got was from Amazon - https://amzn.to/2Iofn19

Maybe... this gives you an idea or you see something that helps you out? I just thought I would share my experience and see what others could think of!

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