8 Minute Cocoa Butter Liquid Soap Paste (Part One Creating the Soap Paste) UG2HP

Gentle Cocoa Butter Fast & Easy Liquid Soap
Part One: Liquid Soap Paste (www.ultimatehpsoap.com)

This is part one of the UG2HP HTLS (High Temperature Liquid Soap) making process (full video with instructions will be posted soon). It provides you with an example of how UG2HP readers can use the knowledge and education learned from reading The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap to quickly and efficiently create a beautiful liquid soap paste. Our Gentle Cocoa Butter Recipe creates a very bubbly, but skin smoothing and softening recipe. This recipe is perfect for hand soap or for body wash. If left unscented, it will have maintain a sweet cocoa butter smell.

The education and experience gained from reading the Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap can be applied to all different types of soap making, including Cold Process, Transparent and Liquid Soap Making. In UG2HP, we explore the effects of thermodynamics and mechanical mixing on the saponification process and can apply these principles, in addition to the principles learned about the chemistry of soap making, to quickly and efficiently create a beautiful liquid soap.

Use the our UG2HP HTLS process to create ready-for-use liquid soap in as little as an hour! This is compared to other recipes which can take 10-16 hours for just one batch!

Recipe: You can use LTHP or HTHP, depending on your skill level, education and preference. For those who want to use HTHP to make a liquid soap paste, it can easily be done and you can create beautiful, pH safe soap paste in less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Use high heat for a rapid dilution process. The full recipe can be found at https://www.ultimatehpsoap.com/blog/cocoabutterliquidsoap

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