ClockMaker, WatchMaker, Jewelers Lathe video course preview.

Watchmaker clockmaker jewelers lathe course. . This lathe course is for the beginner watchmaker, clockmaker, hobbyist or home machinist. There is no prerequisite for this lathe course. You don't even need to own a lathe! This course will teach you what is needed when buying a jewelers lathe. How to recognize a good or bad lathe. What is the right lathe for you. Where to buy a jewelers lathe. What you need in a lathe, and how each part should correctly function. What parts and accessories you will need to get started. You will learn how to maintain and care for your own lathe. Complete disassembly, servicing, and reassembly of your lathe. The video clip you are viewing here is a preview of the 4+ hour course on 4 DVDs. By Tick Tock Productions.