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Hummel Aviation, Hummel Bird, Hummel H5 and UltraCruiser all metal ultralight, experimental aircraft

The HummelBird is of all metal construction. Bulkheads are mounted on a simple wood beam, with rivet holes located in flanges of bulkheads, skins are wrapped around and holes drilled back through. Sheet metal is simplest, fastest and most economical way to build an aircraft as Art Rempel has proven with his building a HummelBird and engine in three months building time. Construction is very rugged and is stressed for 6G’s, (5G’s with Witman wing tips).

The complete set of plans contains 26 large (D size) pages with full size templates for bulkheads and wing ribs. A 30 page step by step manual is very complete with all materials listed. Only simple shop tools are required to build the Hummel Bird tri gear or tail dragger. Rigid and shock absorbing gear is shown on the plans. For grass field operation, the shock gear is recommended. Since this is a short build time and quite simple, it is a good project for first for first time builders. Average build time is 1200-1400 hrs if built from scratch. Though a complete kit is not available, al of the welded and many of the complex parts are available.

The 1/2 VW engine has an excellent track record for reliability and fuel economy. Engine plans or complete engines are available.

The FAR Part 103 compliant UltraCruiser

The UltraCruiser was designed as the first all metal ultra light in 1998. First flights were in 2000. First plan sales were in 2001. Intended for first time buiders as well as first time pilots, the UltraCruiser is an easy to build and even easier to fly aircraft.

The design can be built straight from plans up to, and including a full kit. The kit includes predrilled laser cut components. All parts are formed prebent, or welded. Wheels, tires, brakes, harness, and even the seat cushion is included. Wing Spar is pre-assembled. The kit is very complete. Everthing is included to complete the aircraft less the engine, prop, spinner, and instruments.

UltraCruiser Features and Specs
The UltraCruiser is a Part 103 legal all metal ultralight
Detachable wings for easy storage
Very docile, easy to fly
Excellent performance with 37 hp engine
Full size parts shown on plans
Very comfortable for long flights
6.5 ft. track and low CG for improved ground handling
Many building options with customer support
Full size Parts on (29) 24″x36″ CAD drawn pages.
Available as plans built, kit built or anything in between.
4 cycle reliability with the 1/2 VW Hummel engine
Tri-gear option on plans. (Too heavy for Part103)
Canopy option (Also a bit too heavy for Part103)

The H5
Our intention was to build the UC’s good qualities into a “roomier” airframe to accommodate someone over 200# and/or 6 ft. tall. It is intended for 65-85 hp with most being built for a VW conversion engine. Tri-gear or conventional, The H5 is an excellent handling Homebuilt. Great ground handling, excellent visibility, and very efficient.

Primary objectives
Totally redrawn plans with much more detail
Fit a 6’5″ 300lb Pilot
More fuel capacity
4 cylinder reliability
More foot room for rudder controls
Larger instrument panel
Build from plans or kit

H5 Features and Specs
Experimental class
Economical sport pilot aircraft
Designed around the 4 cylinder Hummel Engine
Excellent performance with 85hp engine
Canopy hinges to the side
Canopy and heater for year round flying
The H5 is intended for the Sport Pilot category with economical, reliable, four stroke power and estimated cruise of 100-130 mph
Wide 6.5 ft. landing gear track for excellent ground handling
Detachable wings for easy storage
Very comfortable for long flights
Many full size parts shown on plans
Very docile, easy to fly
Shock gear
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