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This week’s Slash Course is a blast from the past as Moose makes sure that dinosaurs stay extinct!
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Dinosaur movies are among the oldest genres in the history of the medium, and from the earliest days of cinema, horror fans have thrilled to the exploits of squishy human beings battling massive dinosaurs like the tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, triceratops, and tons more. Dinosaur vs human is one of the most tantalizing tropes in fiction, and among the rampaging raptors and the terrifying t-rex, it’s astonishing to see dinosaur videos in which these long extinct creatures take their anger out on the modern world.

Jurassic Park is the poster child for this trope, although it’s far older, the Spielberg classic solidified the formula for human vs. dinosaur action, and it’s expanded into a respectable franchise that includes Jurassic World, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and the recently released Jurassic World short film Jurassic World Battle at Big Rock. The Jurassic World dinosaurs that were born from Jurrasic Park are far from the only dino game in town, the upcoming animated series Primal from Genndy Tartakovsky takes a different approach to the dinosaur action, and ever trailer, clip and scene we’ve seen of it so far looks like a luscious return to 2D animation. No matter where you do battle, in the past, present, or distant future, it never hurts to know How to Kill Dinosaurs.

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