How to build a Skate Ramp / Quarter Half Pipe

Featured tools: Kobalt Tool Combo Kit→
Kobalt Jigsaw→
All the materials are listed below. Be sure to click the link and print out the plans with measurements. The ramp you see me build in this video is 4ft wide. If you have the space available, building an 8ft wide quarterpipe is worth considering as well as a second ramp to turn it into a halfpipe.
If you end up building your own, send some pictures and let me know how it went. If you want to paint, stain or seal it; treat the wood with the same materials as you would use on a deck.

Transition & Deck Ply→ (1) 1/2" Sheathing
Sublayer Ply→ (1) 3/8" Sheathing
Surface Ply→ (1) 1/4" Sanded
2x4's→ (6) Straight with no large knots
PVC Coping → (4ft) 1-1/2" Conduit
Construction Adhesive→ (1) Loctite Premium Construction Adhesive
Surface & Deck Ply Screws→ (60) 1-1/2"
2x4 to 2x4 Screws→ (21) 3-1/2" exterior
1/2" ply to 2x4 screws→ (28) 2-1/2"

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