Homemade Sawmill Cutting 12" Texas Aromatic Red Cedar Slabs logs

I built this old budget sawmill about two years ago and have been running it since then with no major issues. I have cut well over 60-70 big logs in the range of 16 to 21 Feet long and my biggest diameter was 50" across the widest point, so she will handle some fairly large logs

When I posted my first video it did not have a push handle or blade guards on it and I caught a lot of hell from some youtube viewers about the safety of it, but have since added the blade guards

I really liked it with no blade guards at the beginning..I could really watch the blade how they tracked on each pulley

I also went from a screw lifting mechanism to a boat hand crank winch..The boat crank winch is faster, but the screw setup was more accurate. Will be going back to it on my next sawmill build.. going a little bigger and heavier on everything.. to see if it makes a difference

I had a lot of folks ask where I purchased all the parts, so I decided to put a basic parts kits together, not including any steel and it can be purchased at TXDashcovers.com under the industrial section

I welcome any suggestions or comments. Please leave them below..I would be glad to answer any questions you might have