Cleaning burnt pan with salt

Title : Lifehack: Cleaning burnt pan with salt

Grade 11 - PAX:
Byron Cabañero
​Rhoda Clarion
​Daesol Kim
​Carl Pil

Are you worried that your favorite pan won't be used again? Don't worry because in this lifehack (video) we'll show you how to clean it in just 5 easy steps by using salt and adding some water on it.

​We went to Byron’s house to film our life hack video. We recorded the procedure with iPad and Carl also recorded the narration. We edited the video using Imovie.

​Our life hack shown in the video is about cleaning the burnt pan with salt (NaCl "Sodium Chloride") and water (H20 "Hydrogen Oxide"). One of our member, Byron, accidentally burn the pan when he was cooking "camote with brown sugar". Obviously it is hard to remove the waste or the grease using dishwashing liquid only. In order to remove the waste and clean the pan easily, we have researched that pouring salt and water in the pan makes salt displace the sticky sugar.

The chemical name of table salt is sodium chloride. It is an ionic solid made of positively charged sodium ions and negatively charged chloride ions, which form a strong crystalline structure due to the electrical charges between them. When salt is mixed with water, the charged ions instead form weak hydrogen bonds with water molecules. Boiling away the water returns the salt to its original crystalline state.

1. Prepare the burnt pan, enough salt, and 200mL of water.
2. Pour the salt and water.
3. Wait for 10 minutes.
4. Then wash the pan with dishwashing liquid and sponge.
5. You can see the cleaned and ready to use pan.

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