How I Lost $14k On Amazon FBA (the truth about Amazon FBA)

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This is how I lost $14,000 on Amazon FBA.

I started my Amazon FBA business about 2 and a half years ago now, and it’s going well. Last year was very profitable.

But when I was just starting out I did something that has made me lose money, and the time that I put into it, and it’s also a mistake I made over a long period of time so today it’s still affecting me and I’m still dealing with it.

I know when I was starting I was so skeptical of those stories - this stay at home mum makes $40,000 per month, and all of these other stories you see on youtube.

Maybe you’re also wondering well .. what’s the secret? The secret is that it doesn’t always work out like that.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the stories aren’t true, but what I want you to learn from my story today is that if you do this, it might not go the same way for you.

So I’m making this video today and sharing this story with you so that you can hopefully relate better to my story, to those other stories you see, and as well to understand where you fit into this & to decide whether Amazon FBA a good business for you to get started with.

And for sure, Amazon FBA needs so much money at the start and you’re just putting more and more money in ,and investing all of this time upfront without anything coming back so it can be pretty difficult to be doing and not seeing those returns that you think you should be getting.
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