How to Make a Twine Globe Lantern on a Budget!

House Therapy Staging Co. presents a DIY video on how to make a twine globe. Some people may refer these awesome home décor pieces as yarn globes, rope lanterns or twine spheres, but it doesn't really matter because all point to a super chic accessory that you can add to your home today! Here are the supplies I used:
- roll of jute (you can also use twin, cotton yarn)
- Elmer's glue (about 12 oz.)
- plastic blown up bouncy ball (I used a large one from Walmart). Usually can find these types of balls at Target or sometimes CVS. They are usually located at the end of an aisle in a cage, all together.
- Lighting swag kit
- two large plastic garbage bags
- 10oz of water
- two large bowls
- scissors
- electrical plate cover
- light bulb