Trash Wood to Treasure DIY Epoxy Resin Serving Board

For an event that was going to be held at a wine and cheese shop, I decided to make a wood and epoxy resin serving board out of a scrap of spalted maple. For this specific board I was feeling very inspired by the ocean and really wanted to capture that with the project. So, I capture that with both the shape of the board and the colors used for the epoxy.

This board makes an excellent serving board or charcuterie board for when you have guests over. It’s a rather easy project that any beginner woodworker can accomplish.

Tools Used:
Jigsaw -
Glue gun -
Oscillating Edge/Belt Sander -
Belt Sander -
Small Grinder -
Branding Iron -

Materials Used:
Resin -
Resin Tint -
Resin Metallic Powder -
Cutting Board Oil -