Handheld Router Projects Sesame Street Wall Art Sign

Sesame street was an iconic part of my childhood, you can DIY this cool sign using your router. All handheld, the bigger you go with woodworking the easier it is. Reclaimed scaffolding board wood is excellent for this type of work.

Pics here on FB https://www.facebook.com/pg/thepoultrypeople/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1242992939163057
Here on imgur http://imgur.com/a/v9a8T

Find the logo online and print it out to whatever size you need. Cut down a plank to size, slot with a biscuit cutter bit in your router and then clamp together with sash clamps.
Wait to dry and then glue on your design.
Cut the shape of the sign out using a jigsaw, adjust the pendulum setting as scaffold planks are fairly thick. As always keeping sharp blades in your jigsaw is a big help.
I used the makita quarter inch with a 30 degree cnc bit to trace out the outline of the numbers and letters . I then used the 3mm and 10mm straight flutes to clean out the remaining timber.
A bit of sanding required.
Treatment with rentokill woodworm treatment to any parts showing holes, tracks or other infestation. Video on this coming up soon.
I use water based paints to finish off and then a diluted yacht varnish to seal it all up.

Feel free to ask questions on any part of the construction process and ill try my best to answer them.