Baby Basics 101 Three Months Old

Do you have concerns for your baby's movement and milestones? What is your baby doing at three months? Michelle Turner, baby expert and author, demonstrates on a baby that scored in the low risk category on the Newborn Movement Assessment. She demonstrating developmental movement patterns that should be expected during this stage in his first year. Encourage all hospitals to incorporate the NMA so babies have more opportunities to respond to stimuli.

Help your baby thrive by learning how to assess infant movement patterns and stimulate optimal movement through gentle touch with this comprehensive guide for parents and professionals alike.

In the Newborn Movement Assessment, author and movement integration specialist, creator of Movement Lesson, Michelle M. Turner offers a comprehensive guide to help determine a baby’s developmental concerns, as well as provide effective treatments to stimulate the child’s movement patterns through gentle touch.
The Newborn Movement Assessment is available at Amazon.
Help everyone in your community and become a Movement Lesson practitioner.

In order to spread the benefits of this work nationally and internationally, Michelle Turner has created a training program for American and international students that will enable you to gain the professional skills necessary to become adept in this use of touch and build successful careers home and abroad as Movement Lesson Therapists to the wider benefit of special children and adults throughout the world.

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Out of necessity to help her globally delayed child, Michelle Turner created a special movement therapy, Movement Lesson™, that helps children and adults throughout the world. She is here to help you learn her unique combination of gentle touch and purposeful movement through the principles of counterbalance and rotation to create an individualized and profoundly effective therapy session and become a Movement Lesson Practitioner.