FREE Tutorial. Epoxy Resin Faux Amber cabochons with polymer clay and natural inclusions!

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Process description:
In this video tutorial I will show you how to make faux Amber using epoxy resin and some inclusions like dried moss, grass, fly-seeds of flowers, polymer clay, glass glitters, Flocking powder and read/dead mosquitos! You can choose your own inclusions, which you can find outside! ^_^
Also, I want to show you how easy to use cabochon molds made by Yaroslav from my faux stone cabochons which were hand sanded and buffed!
Cabochon molds from Yaroslav:
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In this video I will use my stone molds with “cracks” (read about them below the video!) - with that lovely cracked relief on a surface! And you will see how great they works even with resin!

Mix your Epoxy Resin according to the manufacturer's instruction! Stir the resin for a long time and carefully! So you will avoid stickiness in your work! If you feel in your room are cold and dampness (because the weather outside) better to not start working with epoxy! Since it is not possible to fully harden and remains sticky for a long time!
Read the instructions for using your resin carefully!

After the resin were good stirring add some amount of yellow alcohol ink in to the cup with resin! You decide how much you need for obtaining the needed color of realistic amber!

Then, prepare your molds for pouring resin in them, there should be enough forms for your mixed resin! Because we will pour only in half the level of our form! And then, let them harden a little bit (around 30min) The resin should be in consistency like a honey!

Do not miss! And start laying all the ingredients prepared for Amber imitation! In my garden was not so many moss ))) so I got what I’v got!

Now, when all ingredients are inside the mold, we leave the mold a lone, to let the resin dry almost totally!

And here we go! The resin is almost dried! Now we can mix one more cup of fresh resin! Then let it stay a little bit to not run away from the domed surface ))

I also prepared more molds and inclusions just in case, if I will have extra resin after doming my workpieces!

Now you can see, how easy to manipulate the flowing resin over the border!

After you sure that the resin will stay in a border, you need to cover the workpieces with some covering to protect your resin from some dust or fur hair! And left them on 24 or less hours for totally hardening! My workpieces were dry on next morning! And now you can see the intermediate result. And here is the loveley cracks on a surface!))) I need to think how to save and highlight their beauty!

I hope you like this video tutorial and you had a pleasure to watch it! In my next video I will show you how you use this beautiful workpieces for finishing them in a gentle jewelry pieces!

Also, I want to make some explanation about my cabochons molds. The cracks you have found on some molds this is not print mistake on molds.. But actually it's not cracks or scratches in the molds, this is the relief of the stones (and I really love it) obtained when removing a stone print…. These molds was made using my stones, and as it was first time for me i didn't released at that time that tiny crackles will be in molds too... But I already worked (tried) with them, and actually after smoothing the raw cabochon just with the fingers and roll them slightly with a mini roller - the cracks will gone! And also, after sanding they will gone at all!

So, if you still didn't tried them, just try and let me know how it works for you! But if you still don't want to use them because “cracks”, probably you would like to get new one, which we already prepared with no any cracks on them! And you also can use them for resin too!

Yours respectfully,
Ludmila Bakulina