How to make a portable phone charger for 5 bucks? I’ll show you. Can’t you hear the alarm in the morning? Put the phone in the glass - you'll probably wake up! Do you want to make a photo on the iPhone as a god? Then keep these tips.

The rule of thirds is the principle of composition, based on the simplified rule of the golden section. A well-constructed frame is already half of a good photo. Make the right composition with the help of grid. You can enable it in the system settings, in the Photo and Camera section, the item is called Grid.

The iPhone has a series of shots. To do this, press the shutter button and hold for at least 0.5 seconds. Photos will begin to be created with maximum speed and sharpness. Then in the Photo application, you can select a good snapshot and delete the rest.

Surprisingly, still not everyone knows that the photo in the Camera application can be made with the volume button, any of the two. Also, if you hold one of the volume buttons, then a continuous shooting will work.

How to shoot under water? How to make a macro lens with a drop of water? How to take a photo remotely? How to make a portrait softener? How to make a sunglasses filter? How to make a phone case from a balloon? How to shorten the charging cable? How to clean the phone screen? What to do if there is no stylus? What to do so that the cable does not fray? How to make a home theater? Check out in my video.


01:15 You will never wake up late with this cool alarm hack
01:47 Awesome phone photo hacks
05:15 Balloon phone case
07:50 Save your old charging cable

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