My Boyfriend Demands Sex Before Marriage

J's boyfriend said he's NOT down to wait for marriage until sex anymore and wants an open relationship if that's her choice. Should she kick him to the curb or consider his compromise? Vote in the poll and leave your comment below.


I kept getting asked by all of you about my thoughts on "The Wait" by Devon Franklin... and here it is: if you think making this devotion to abstain is healthy and empowering to you - I am in awe of you and think that's fantastic.. if you respect it but can't see it changing much for the better - I am in awe of you and think that's fantastic!

It is VERY hard to have a harmonious and fulfilling sex life so however you find that place I applaud you. I do not believe in one-size-fits-all and I also think when you are truly comfortable with your own choices, you don't try to force them onto others because you value that everyone's truth is different. Long story short, as long as you are a good, thoughtful person, I accept your choices with the same adjectives.


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This week's question:

So me and my boyfriend have been together for close to two years and things have been amazing between us We moved in together after 1 year and so far so great. Recently though I read the book The Wait by Devon Franklin and felt very inspired by it. Although my current relationship is good the others not so much. I feel like sex has been used against me all my life and now I want a break, so I have decided to reclaim my power and wait until marriage. When I told my boyfriend of my decision at first he was supportive but then he said he wasn't okay with it. He told me that it's okay if I want to wait but asked if we could be in an open relationship so he can seek sex elsewhere if this is my decision I feel very violated and like once again sex is being used to control me. Should I consider his request or leave this relationship asap


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