Sort Your Coins Like A Pro With This DIY Sorting Machine

Slime Sam likes learning new things. Do you? This time he wants to know how vending machines work! That is, he already knows the basic principle. His human friend Sue and he made a vending machine before But in this video Sam is going to learn how such machines sort coins.

Sue is making a model of a sorting machine. You can make one for your school project if you want to! You're going to need some thick cardboard, a motor, some wires, a battery, a small switch and hot glue to assemble it. This machine consists of three parts: a coin dispenser, a coin tunnel (which does the sorting), and compartments to store sorted coins. The coin dispenser is a box with one small opening. The motor beneath this box vibrates and makes the coins move towards the opening. The coin tunnel allows the coins to pass one by one. This tunnel has openings, each the size of one of the coins. It starts with the smallest coin and ends with the biggest one. coins move long the tunnel and fall into suitable compartments. That's how the coins are sorted!

Sam is very pleased with the machine and he promises Sue to make sure all coins in their house are kept sorted from now on!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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