How to clean out dust inside your laptop

Has your laptop ever started to sound like a vacuum cleaner?

Cooling fans start spinning like crazy. If things get bad enough, your CPU can even overheat, halting the laptop and giving you a scary-looking error message.

To avoid such mayhem, you should dust inside your laptop twice a year.

It's pretty easy. Should your laptop be REALLY clogged up inside, you may need to get a little crazy and start opening things up.

But don't panic! YouTube will save you...

Goodies in the video:

- Endust Aerosol Duster, 2-Pack:
- Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac 500-Watt, 75-HP Electric Duster:
- Tivoly Technic Smartphone/Gizmo Repair kit (incl. micro screwdriver bits + spudger + tweezers):

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