If you want to hide candies from your siblings, this video is totally for you! Moreover, you can use your new secret stashes to hide other valuables you have. Let’s begin with a fun project that will help you to make a secret stash out of a stuffed animal. Yes, it’s a great hiding spot! Follow our instructions: cut the head of a teddy bear and remove some stuffing. Find a fitting jar and insert into the toy's body and glue with a hot glue gun. Attach the lid to the toys head. Ready! It won’t take much effort but the result is perfect!
If you have a lot of candies at home you can make cute bags out of candy pouches. Watch the full tutorial!
We are ready to help you to create a budget-friendly candy bar for your party. You will learn how to make delicious candies by yourself and how to decorate a candy bar the best way possible! You can make a giant lollipop using clear plastic ball ornament. Simply fill it with candies you like and attach a stick. And wrap in any wrapping paper you like. Besides, you can make your own Sprite lollipops. This project is so easy: take a bowl and pour sprite, add green food coloring and gelatin. Pour the mix into a mold for lollipops and freeze. Without decoration, lollipops look rather boring and we can also help you! We will show how to make a bouquet out of lollipops and decorate lollipops with felt butterflies. Besides, you can use lollipops to decorate cupcakes. Turn lollipops into flowers using a marshmallow!
In addition, you will find various recipes of super delicious desserts with chocolate. Kids will totally love the idea of a chocolate bottle filled with candies!

00:09 DIY secret stash for candies
03:44 How to decorate cupcakes
04:47 Sprite lollipops
07:17 Chocolate bottle
10:05 Baked pears

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