DIY Articulating Arm Mount for a Phone or Camera

Filming and photographing projects is one of the real obstacles to sharing a creation. I've always found tripods and other setups to be cumbersome for filming on a workbench or desk.

My solution was the offspring of a work lamp and a selfie stick, and has integrated phone charging with a micro USB cable. Built with minimal tools, this mount is compatible with any 1/4 in UMC attachment will work great with any phone or small camera. It is similar to the big, expensive articulating arms built for DSLR's but it is probably not strong enough to hold up a large camera. However this solution is optimized for a phone, and only costs around $20 to make, depending on where you get your lamp.

I built this primarily to film what I am doing on my desk or workbench, but it could also be used to film and photograph in the kitchen, or anywhere else you want to have a flexible phone mounting option. This mount is also great for just watching videos on your phone without having to hold it up. You could even mount it to your bed and use it to hold your phone lying down!

If you and up building one let me know, I'd love to hear how it went and any improvements you made. Or if you have an interesting idea about how this mount can be used, go ahead and put it in the comments!

-Selfie stick
-1m+ Micro USB Cable


-Leatherman Wave

Link to step-by-step instructions on Instructables: