Metal Fabrication Tips DIY Industrial Style Table

Metal Fabrication Tips DIY Industrial Style Table using Steel and Reclaimed Pallet Wood. This is more than a just a build video. Many of my viewers are new to welding and fabrication or they are looking to start out welding. What better way to demonstrate tips and tricks on welding and fabrication than to actually build something useful as I explain the process along the way. In this episode I show you how to build this DIY table using various tools including tips on workflow, metal prep, grinding, welding, welder setup, plasma cutting, safety tips, working with wood and finally some different wood and metal finishes to turn your project into something you will be proud to show off that will last for years. I have included this video in the Learn To Weld Beginner Welding Series because of the valuable tips included within the episode. This is more than a just a build video. I hope you enjoy this episode and the information contained within.

My plasma cutter review:

The table I am trying to duplicate:

Table measures 50 x 20 x 20 using 1 1/2 x 1/8 angle iron
6 @ 50"
6 @ 20"
8 @ 7"
14 pieces cut at 45 degree for feet and wood top support
2 pieces #9 expanded metal cut to 48" x 19"
1/2" MDF board cut to 48" x 19"
pallet wood

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