How To Stencil A Linoleum or Vinyl Floor | Step by Step| Cutting Edge Stencils | Jolie Paint

Have you ever wanted to replace your outdated vinyl floor? Stenciling is an affordable way to provide a drastic change without breaking the bank! In this Video Tutorial I will walk you through a step by step process on how to paint and Stencil a vinyl floor.
For this DIY project I was lucky enough to work with Cutting Edge Stencils and Jole Paint for sponsoring my supplies.

Materials I used:
- Vacuum
- Cleaning supplies
- Orbital Sander
- Spray Adhesive
- Bonding Primer from Zinsser
- Stencil - I used Primavera Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils
- Jolie Matte paints
Palace White and Verigris
- Clear Coat Sealer - from Chalked Rust-Oleum
-Painters Tape
- Foam Roller
- Angled Paint brush
- Stencil paint brush

For painting my Linolum Floors it was a simple process, and using the stencils on my vinyl floor was an easy process due to Cutting Edge stencils' pattern guides within their stencils. It makes it easy to match up and align your stencil to your previous one painted.
The Pattern stencil - Primavera Tile Stencil gave my vinyl bathroom floor its much needed makeover!
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