5 ways to use doTERRA Citronella oil

Wondering how to use citronella oil?
Don't look further, I've got 5 awesome ways for you to learn about.
1. Use doterra citronella oil to repel mosquitoes and other pests.
how? just apply it on your skin before you go outside.
It's good to mix this oil with water in a glass spray bottle and just spray it on your skin and clothes. This way you will be able to cover a bigger area.
2. Use citronella to uplift and balance your mood. It's smells amazing if you diffuse it with Peppermint or Spearmint oil. You will want to do this on the days when you feel really stressed and anxious.
3. Do you use the wool dryer balls? Yes? No? Why not? If yes, remember to put a few drops on the balls before you start drying your clothes. Citronella will give the clothes nice fresh scent. 1000 times better for you than store bought dryer sheets.
4. Keep it in your bathroom for the #2 lingering smells. Just add a few drops to your toilet bowl and within a short period of time your bathroom will smell fresh and "citronelly" like instead.
5. If you have problems with oily skin and you have a lot of brake outs you want to add citronella oil to your morning and night skin routines. Just apply a few drops on your cleans skin before moisturizer or create a blend with Tea tree oil, Copaiba and Myrrh.

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