DIY Faux Agate Cheeseboard With Art Resin ( Coasters, Slices, Faux Geode,Tutorial )

Here's a video showing how I made faux agate cheese boards. This video talks about layering Art Resin to create that depth in color to get a more realistic look for your faux agates. You can make faux agate coasters / slices and faux agate geodes like this as well. You can customize them by adding crystals, gold leaf, or glitter. You can even add this to a table top :D. I hope this inspires you to create! Happy crafting everyone! xo- Lily

This resin is food safe if no other chemical substance is added to it. Which means if painted is added to the resin it would make it not food safe. I learned if you want to make it food safe you would need to pour a clear layer of resin on top to make it food safe. ( no added paint or other substances.. just resin alone)

Here's blog link for the list of supplies and more in depth photos.